Adult Toys

Basic Adult Toys and What Makes Them Special

Adult toys are used by an estimated kagillion – that number might be made up – people around the world on a regular basis. Whatever that number is, we know it’s somewhere in the millions, if not billions!

Virtually everybody likes having sex, whether it’s once a year or multiple times a day. The same goes for masturbation, which many people like more than full-on intercourse. Stimulating one’s self or another person with their body parts is highly enjoyable, although Joujou adult toys almost always provide a level of stimulation unachievable without the utilization of adult toys.

Adult toys are not just fun to use – they’re acceptable to use. They’ve been used by people around the world for thousands of years. Believe it or not, researchers found a phallic-shaped stone object that was likely used for masturbatory purposes in the past few years, estimated to have been forged up to 10,000 years ago. Further, adult toys are so common today thanks to progressive thinking around the globe. Democrat or Republican, adult toys are inherently fun to use.

Let’s dig into several of the most common adult toys, and which of their features help them stick out among the thousands-deep crowd of other types of adult toys.
Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit
Penile toys

Often called “cock rings” and “cock sleeves” – if for nothing other than a less-embarrassing name – these two types of adult toys are the most popular adult toys designed specifically for male-oriented pleasure.

Cock rings are placed around the base of a man’s cock. Often found in rubber or steel form, cock rings help men maintain their erections, not to mention keep them harder than usual.

Cock sleeves are designed to fit around the exterior of cocks to simulate vaginal intercourse. Although no piece of rubber truly imitates the real thing, cock sleeves are often lubricated with loads of lube to help men achieve orgasm.

While vibrating cock rings can be used to enhance female pleasure, while sleeves are solely designed for wearers’ pleasure.

Anal toys

This type of adult toys is among the most popular on the market. The most popular kinds of anal toys include dildos – intended for vaginal use, as well – butt plugs, and anal beads.

Dildos are phallic objects typically crafted from a human-safe plastic or glass. They should feature a wide base to prevent them from getting trapped inside any internal cavities. Vibrators Online by Joujou are often found in the same shape and size as male human penises, although some people enjoy using those of enhanced sizes and in styles outside of humans’.

Butt plugs are intended to remain within the anal cavity for minutes or hours at a time without any thrusting. They’re typically either used for stretching the anal cavity or for pleasure.

Anal beads are strings of hard beads designed to be removed as one achieves orgasm for heightened pleasure.

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