Benefits of Adult Toys

The Main Types of Adult Toys and Their Many Uses

Humans are said to be one of the few species of animals, plants, insects – you name it – that have sexual intercourse mostly for enjoyment and pleasure. Most people engage in foreplay, sweet talk, and full-on sex many more times for fun in their lifetimes than doing so in the name of procreation.

While sex is undeniably enjoyable, if not downright fun, or even thrilling – we can throw masturbation in that group, too – using Sex Toys by Joujou to enhance pleasure makes sex even more fun than without using them, as long as you know what they’re used for and communicate with your partner.

Not everybody has used adult toys in their masturbatory or sexual intercourse histories, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even those who have used adult toys likely aren’t up-to-date with the market’s many types of adult toys. Let’s look into a few of the most popular types of sex toys, what characteristics to look for, and how not to use or take care of them.
Cobra Libre 2 Male Massager

These phallic objects likely pop to mind before anything else when the phrase “adult toys” comes up in conversation or on the Internet. Dildos are designed to mimic the feel of a man’s penis, although many of them are sized considerably larger than the real thing(s).

It’s OK to use dildos of any material, although purchasing a safe, plastic or rubber model is likely your best bet.

Stay away from jelly rubber and latex dildos; the former contains dangerous phthalates, potentially causing cancer in its users. Latex can cause allergies to flare up in some individuals, they absorb all types of human excrement that potentially carry disease, and are markedly difficult to clean.

Strap ons

These adult toys are simply sturdy harnesses with a dildo either pre-attached to them, or with a holster for compatible aftermarket dildos. They’re largely intended for girl-on-girl intercourse, although girls sometimes use them on guys. I guess guys could use them on guys, too, but because they mimic a phallic object, there’s no real need to.


BDSM – bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism – is a style of sexual activity that involves the four characteristics. Highly prevalent in BDSM play is leather or latex clothing, often skin-tight in nature. Many proponents of this common fetish also use toys that fit the BDSM family well.

Bondage is a broad category of clothing and accessories used to restrain its users. There are many different types of bondage and BDSM-oriented toys; while difficult to give advice, keep in mind to always use a safe word with your partner, and never assume he’s OK with any sexual activity prior to asking his permission.

When cleaning sex toys, use sex toy cleaner – not just any cleaner – warm water, and mild, fragrance-free soap. Always rinse them, always wash them, and always dry them. It’s considered a best practice to NEVER use them with others, either.


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