Sex Toys Hacked?

Sex Toys Hacked?

Twenty years ago, this would have been a silly question. Now? Not so much. We live in an era of smart Tv’s, smart appliances and yes, smart sex toys. Now, we can be connected with our lovers no matter where they are with the help of smart adult toys.

Keeping Intimacy Alive in Long Distance Relationships
In many ways this is a huge leap forward in intimacy for modern relationships. Long distance relationships are not only a common reality for new lovers, but also for married couples who work overtime and even on other sides of the globe. It’s just a fact of life these days. So these types Sex Toys at Jou jou keep the door of intimacy open when distance plots to keep them apart. It’s a groundbreaking idea.

But What About the Russian Hackers?
Ok, that’s just a giggle based on our latest headlines. Unless the person hacking your smart adult toy is Russian of course. Just for the record, smart sex toys have been hacked. Hacker duo G0ldfisk and follower did just that for a demonstration at the 2016 Def Con Hacking conference last year. To demonstrate the vulnerability of smart sex toys, they hacked the “We Vibe 4 Plus.”

How Did They Do It?
This particular adult toy has a Bluetooth controller that can turn it on via a smartphone app. It’s a pretty cool concept who’s time has definitely come. After all, we can chat face to face on our smart phones. Why not up the anti a bit? But our hacker buddies ruined it for us when they broke this popular Joujou Vibrators sex toy wide open at the conference. The data that they collected included exactly when the device is used, which vibration mode it’s on, and who’s at the other end of the Bluetooth controller.

Does Anyone Store This Data?
Worse, it turns out that the company that produces the sex toy has access to this data as well. Unfortunately, “All this data is stored on corporate servers and in the terms and conditions of the devide, the manufacturer reserves the right to pass it on to the authorities.”


Oddly, using such se toys is actually illegal in some states. We won’t mention them here because it’s none of their business. In the mean time, it might be a good idea to stick with the more old-fashioned sex toys until certain internet privacy issues are settled.

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