Sex Toys: Spice your Life

Sex Toys: Spice up your Life

In a world where movies such as Fifty Shades of Gray have become the norm, you would think that buying adult toys wouldn’t cause the embarrassment that it has in the past. When you try to strike up a conversation with someone about their use of sex toys in the bedroom, you are liable to still get blushes and stammers. But there is absolutely no reason for the shyness. Spicing it up in the bedroom will not only help your sexual life, it will also help your relationship blossom with your significant other.

Where to Start

Talk to your partner if this will be your first time experimenting with sex toys. Chances are, one of you have tried some type of bedroom apparatus at one point or another, so you can go from there. But if this is the first time for both of you, don’t fret. Start slowly with the things you enjoy and what you would like to try. Expand on the fantasies you have already shared or tried and see if you could incorporate some adult toys into them during future bedroom romps.

What to Buy

There are literally hundreds of variations of adult toys that you could try out, but don’t let that scare you away. Start with the classics, such as a vibrator, dildo or blindfold. You can always start with something less expensive and then work your way up to the bigger sex toys. Many companies make beginner packs for customers who are just starting to learn about the fun they could have with different adult toys. You don’t have to spend a lot to have fun!

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Online Stores- Discretion is Key

Even though sex toys are growing in popularity, many people find it hard to actually step into a shop to purchase them. Luckily, there are dozens upon dozens of shops online that cater to fetish merchandise. They are discreet and easy to order from and generally send their merchandise in an unmarked package for discretion. Just search the word Sex Toys Australia Joujou into your favorite search engine and you will be shocked at the amount of hits that are returned. Take your time and browse-you’ll see that you can even comparison shop for the same item at different websites. Even big names such as Amazon now carry toys specifically for adult use, many times at a discounted price for new items.

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